QFLIP is the premier Canadian undergraduate conference working towards the intersectional empowerment of women in the political realm. The conference is a two-day event where over 150 students from across Canada participate to engage with our inspiring speakers, skill-building workshops, and meaningful networking opportunities.



Can't wait until January 2022 to get involved with us? QFLIP hosts multiple programs both on campus and off.


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QFLIP offers many diverse opportunities for sponsorship and marketing. From monetary grants to hosting workshops, QFLIP offers a unique and exciting way for your company or firm to promote to our delegates, speakers, and partners.


"QFLIP has been a platform to become empowered, but just as importantly, to learn to empower the women around me. It has helped me develop the skills and confidence to seek out ways to help other women strive for opportunities to challenge themselves and grow as leaders."


"I left QFLIP last year (2018) feeling incredibly empowered, like there were a community of women (and men) behind me to cheer me on. It was very empowering to hear from successful women in a range of fields who were there to tell us that there will be barriers to our success, but that we can knock them down, and it will be that much more rewarding when we do."


"QFLIP was an unforgettable experience! It reminded me that in the fight for equality none of us are alone. It taught me to tackle imposter-syndrome and reinforced the idea that we all deserve a seat at the table."


"Each year after attending the conference, QFLIP has left me even more empowered and inspired than the last. It’s an event dedicated to powerful women and to breaking the barriers of success that women face. It has been such an influential part of my Queen’s experience thus far.."


"As a student who is majoring in chemistry, I was amazed and empowered by the unbelievable speakers, panels and workshops that QFLIP delivered. This conference isn’t limited to females in politics, it can empower all individuals. I left this conference unafraid of what the world had in store for me, and for that I am forever grateful. I cannot wait for the QFLIP conference in 2020!!"


"A conference like QFLIP could not be more necessary when students return to Kingston for the winter semester. By combining amazing speakers and incredibly thought-provoking activities, QFLIP serves as a warm reminder of the every-day women’s ability to make an impact."


"QFLIP was and always will be one of my favorite events at Queens. I loved having the opportunity to engage in discussion with a variety of people who share an interest in female empowerment. The delegates, speakers, and workshops were all so informative and interactive - I would recommend QFLIP to everyone!"


"As a woman in STEM I wasn't sure if QFLIP Would be something that would pertain to me. However hearing the stories of female trailblazers in different fields was truly inspiring. I gained skills and knowledge to empower myself as a women in the workplace and of the future." 


"The opportunity QFLIP provides to connect with likeminded and inspiring delegates, executive members, and speakers has been incredibly empowering. The leadership and networking skills I have learned through QFLIP will continue to benefit me throughout my personal and professional life. I can't wait for next year!"



"QFLIP has a platform that trainformed my understanding of the empowerement of women. It has inspired me to become empowered myself, and to pass on the spirit of empwoerement to the women around me as well. The skills and confidence I developed at QFLIP allow me to help other women to face future challenges and to influence more people who care about women's rights and human rights." 




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