Welcome Message

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Koenig and welcome to Feminism on Tap, QFLIP’s very own blog! I created Feminism on Tap because of my yearning for a space where individuals can articulate their thoughts regarding empowerment and feminism, and how this intersects in their lives. I think there is such beauty in vulnerability, and spaces where free thinking is encouraged should be integral. I wrote our inaugural piece “Unwavering Empowerment” as a means to express my own journey with our readers and hope that at least one person finds inspiration within it.

"Feminism on Tap" was meant to signify that your thoughts for this blog can be free-flowing - covering serious topics or fun and happy ones as needed. If you'd like to be a part of opening this tap and letting the feminist thoughts flow, feel free to send submissions to publications.qflip@gmail.com.