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Transgender and Intersex Erasure is Borderless

| by Daisy Fraser-Boychuk | In mid-October, a memo went public outlining the Trump administration’s plan to legally define sex and gender as inextricably tied to one’s genitals. If implemented, this will justify giving more power to doctors, psychologists, and discriminatory individuals to commit violence against transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex people. While this policy’s…

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Unwavering Empowerment

| by Gabrielle Koenig | This thought process began when I first read a quote from a blogger I’ve been following for a while.[1] She expressed how she has always been fearful of coming on too strong— being too much to love, too much to handle, or simply too much to deal with. However, it…

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Welcome Message

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Koenig and welcome to Feminism on Tap, QFLIP’s very own blog! I created Feminism on Tap because of my yearning for a space where individuals can articulate their thoughts regarding empowerment and feminism, and how this intersects in their lives. I think there is such beauty in vulnerability, and spaces…

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