Case Challenge 2022

What is the Case Challenge?

The QFLIP case challenge is an optional opportunity for delegates to learn about strategy, problem-solving and presenting from some of Canada’s top public affairs professionals. After signing up for the Challenge, delegates will be sorted into teams and sent the Case Brief one week prior to the conference. The Case Brief will outline a real-world problem for delegates to solve. After a week of working, Case Challenge delegates will be invited to an exclusive session with industry professionals to present their solution and receive feedback. The winner will be announced during the conference’s Closing Ceremonies and awarded an exciting prize!

When is the Case Challenge?

Delegates who sign up for the case challenge will receive their teams and the Case Brief on January 28, and will be invited to present in the morning of February 6th.

Who is sponsoring the Case Challenge?

This year we are thrilled to be sponsored by Crestview Strategy. Crestview is one of Canada’s leading public affairs agencies, with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. They have run campaigns, served Prime Ministers, Premiers and Mayors, and advised large and high-profile companies and brands on existential threats and major value creating events. And now they’re at QFLIP! Join this year’s Case Challenge to learn from leading Crestview consultants.


How do I sign up for the Case Challenge?

Sign up for the Case Challenge by adding it onto your ticket at this link. It’s free with your ticket!