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Co Chairs: Meera Mahadeo and Carolyn Svonkin

The Queen's Female Leadership in Politics Conference - QFLIP 2022 theme was: Evolve.

To us, Evolve represents the forward movement we hope to embody in 2022. Over the last year, the world has faced a pandemic, a surge in social justice movements, the laying bare of inequality, and ongoing climate change. At Evolve 2022, we explored the ways that advocacy, representation, feminism, and politics can and must shift and grow in our communities, our country, and across global networks in order to meet the moment in addressing challenges.


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Co Chairs: Melika Khajeh and Sophia Spencer

The Queen's Female Leadership in Politics Conference - QFLIP 2021 theme was: Legacy.

To us, “Legacy” represents the women before us, and those that will pave the way ahead. Legacy is a tribute to “firsts”, yesterday and today: the suffragettes, Audre Lorde, Ruth Bader Ginsburg,  Autumn Peltier and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Legacy honours what we have learned from these role models and it recognizes what womxn are doing today to continue this fight. We invite you to join us at QFLIP 2021, where we’ll create our own legacy: empowering women, gender non-conforming/diverse people, and allies in a discussion dedicated to gender equity.

Co-Chairs: Amanda Jackson and Natasha Honey 

The theme for QFLIP 2020 was "Momentum".  As Frances E. Willard, a pivotal figure in the expansion of women’s rights once said, “the world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.”

To us, “Momentum” is a catalyst in the continuation of empowerment, not only for women in politics but for women in a multitude of other careers. This year, we aim to empower those around us to fearlessly push boundaries, further the conversation, and never relent the momentum that drives us to greatness

Co-Chairs: Frannie Sobcov and Meredith Wilson-Smith

The theme for QFLIP 2019 was "Shatter". To us, "Shatter" represents the ability to break down the glass ceiling that limits not only women in politics, but women in a multitude of other careers. This year, we aimed to empower our delegates to fearlessly pursue what inspires them without fear of obstacles or limitations.

In past years, our conference has focused on themes such as "Empower," "Rise," and "Unite". Progressively, QFLIP's themes tell the narrative of the conference's growth and that of its participants - one of taking initiative, gaining confidence, and finding support in those surrounding you in the pursuit of your ambitions. "Shatter" carries that narrative forward. Women and their allies are boundless in their professional abilities and won't be limited by barriers, breaking through them instead.

Co-Chairs: Julia Göllner and Leah Brockie

During our time as the QFLIP co-chairs, we wanted to utilize the conference as a way to promote the empowerment among all women, across the divisions that have been creeping into partisan politics throughout North America. Additionally, we were intentional about trying to expand the definition of ‘politics’, so as to expand the experiences and interests of our speakers, delegates, and sponsors.

Throughout UNITE 2018, we were able to learn from women in traditional legislative politics, but also women who have been active in the fields of advocacy, security, and political communication. Seeing as how politics shapes so many aspects of Canadian society, we believe it is extremely important to engage a diversity of voices, from a wide range of fields, in order to obtain a broad understanding of women in politics, and the challenges, as well as opportunities they encounter. We can’t wait to see where the new co-chairs take the conference this coming year!

Co-Chairs: Caroline Marful and Rachel Tung

After winning an award for Best New Club of the Year for the inaugural QFLIP conference, we knew the stakes were raised and we worked hard to exceed the expectations we set for ourselves in our second year: Rise 2017. The support and engagement from our delegates, speakers, and sponsors made us realize there was a broader community outside Queen’s that would love and support QFLIP as we did. One major achievement was the opening of QFLIP to delegates from external universities. In all, we welcomed 120 delegates from universities across Canada, increased conference attendance by 20%, and hosted Rise 2017 at a beautiful off-campus venue. Strengthening our presence on and off campus was also only made possible by a 100% increase in our budget and the support of key partners who believed in the importance of the QFLIP cause. The second year of QFLIP was bigger, better, and more inspirational than the last and cemented it as one of the most influential conferences on campus. We were proud to pass on the conference to a new set of co-chairs and are humbled to see the QFLIP magic live on in the delegates and the team beyond our four years at Queen’s.

Co-Chairs: Caroline Marful and Rachel Tung

We planned the first QFLIP conference as 3 days to help young women on campus realize their potential, how to harness it and how to start building a network that will make the journey to the top a little easier. While this conference aims at empowering others our team often reflects on how empowering it is to work on this conference. Nothing is quite like the QFLIP executive team of like-minded women and men utilizing their talents to inspire women to recognize their talents and engage in conversations where their diverse voices are needed. The events and members of QFLIP may change but uniting under the powerful banner of empowering a new generation of women leaders is something that makes all years of QFLIP special and powerful.