When and where is the conference? 

The conference is from February 5-6, 2022 and will take place remotely via HopIn. To register and pay for the conference, please go here.


Do I need to attend all 2 days of the conference? 

While we encourage all delegates to attend as much of the conference as possible in order to have the best experience, we understand that this may not always be possible with everyone’s schedule. Delegates may attend the conference at their own discretion, with the exception of activities which require sign up in advance, such as the Case Challenge. 


Is there financial aid available for the conference? 

Yes! Please check out our Financial Resources Page for information regarding the various scholarships and bursaries which are being offered! Please wait until your financial aid application is approved before purchasing your ticket. Additionally, feel free to reach out to our Finance Director at finance.qflip@gmail.com for more inquiries regarding financial accessibility and how we can help! Bursary opportunities include:

Do High School Students need to pay for the conference?

High school students do not need to pay to attend the conference. When registering, please select the High School Students Ticket option and fill out the required information. 

What do I need for the conference?

As the conference is remote, we encourage all delegates to make the most of their experience by having whatever resources which will enrich their experience! You will need a streaming device (eg. laptop, tablet, or phone) as well as a stable internet connection. Also, in the past, delegates like to have a pen and a notepad to take notes or to journal your thoughts! Stay tuned for our Delegates Manual which will outline more resources regarding accessibility for the conference. 

Is there a dress code for the remote conference? 

As the conference is remote, we encourage all delegates to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and empowered! In keeping in accordance with the professional nature of the conference, the dress code is smart casual. 


For any further questions, concerns, or inquiries feel free to email us at delegates.qflip@gmail.com