A Letter by Carolyn Svonkin 

Although I never got the chance to know her, my grandmother Millie Rotman Shime has had an incredible impact on my life. Stories and memories of her spirit, intelligence, sense of humour and kindness have always inspired me, just as they did for everyone who got the privilege to know her. Most of all, she was passionate about gender equality, politics and advocacy; an unapologetic feminist before it was cool. To honour this incredible legacy, beginning this year, the annual Millie Rotman Shime Scholarship will provide delegates with the opportunity to attend the QFLIP conference free of charge. I know my grandmother would be proud to lend her name to young women following in her trailblazing footsteps.


Carolyn Svonkin, Co-chair 2021-2022

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A Letter by Melika Khajeh and Sophia Spencer

When the two of us came together as Co-Chairs, we quickly realized a similar adverse life experience we had both gone through—the loss of a parent. Amidst this loss, we also shared the similarity of productively overcoming it and channelling our trauma into a passion for equity work. We realized that if we were both similar in what we thought was a unique life circumstance, other individuals will be out there who have also channelled adversity into passion, advocacy and equity. The Legacy Scholarship is our small tribute to not only the parents we have lost but the work we have done and will continue to do.

Melika and Sophia, Co-chairs 2020-2021

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To honour the roots of the conference and to celebrate the fifth anniversary of QFLIP, we are excited to announce the Founders’ Scholarship. Starting with QFLIP 2020 and continuing every year going forward, each co-founder will sponsor one self-identified minority woman to attend the annual QFLIP conference. This scholarship aims to acknowledge the financial barriers as well as the intersectional struggle of young minority women in politics. If there are any questions 

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The Robb-Yedlin scholarship is a scholarship for a Queen's student to attend QFLIP from what we are calling a "non-traditional" background, i.e. a major relating to STEM, medicine, Fine Arts, etc.  We believe that people from all backgrounds have the potential to positively impact the public space and hope this opportunity helps the student draw connections between their course materials and the importance of inclusive and empathetic politics. This scholarship aims to acknowledge the interdisciplinary nature of modern politics and hopes to help a student who may not have been able to attend achieve this experience.

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We invite all who face any form of financial barrier in attending the 2021 conference to apply. We simply ask that you elaborate on how this bursary would benefit your experience. This bursary was made possible through the gracious donations of our supporters throughout the QFLIP community, we thank you.

Note: We currently phase a limit in the number of delegates we can financially sponsor. As such, applications will be assessed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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