High School Liasion Program

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Calling all high school students! Interested in attending Queen’s University? Want to learn more about admissions with the Faculty of Arts and Science? Join our High School Liaison program! 


Aimed at students in high school, the High School Liaison Program will offer students the opportunity to get involved with our organization and learn more about the opportunities that Queen’s University has to offer. This includes gaining exclusive insight into the admissions process, attending our annual conference, as well as engaging with current students and faculty at Queen’s University, as well as a virtual mentorship program. High school students can register for the conference for FREE here.


We want to help set you apart! The QFLIP High School Liaison Program was made to promote a safe and welcoming environment for students from all walks of life, in hopes of supporting your dreams to study the Liberal Arts and your university pursuits. Through this program, we hope to help you make meaningful connections, learn new skills, and get inspired by this year’s amazing speaker pool! 


What the program offers: 

  • Virtual access to our highly coveted annual conference; past speakers include: Past speakers include: The Honorable Jody- Wilson Raybould, Justice Jane Kelly, Annamie Paul, Catherine McKenna, and many other inspiring individuals from across a variety of industries and walks of life.
  • Virtual mentorship opportunities 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Virtual open house with Faculty of Political Studies and the First Generation Students Recruitment Office 
  • Virtual class presentations 
  • Opportunity to receive financial aid for the program 


Why join: 

  • Gain integral insight into the admissions process at Queen’s, and how you can set yourself apart
  • Make meaningful connections with current and future Queen’s students as well as faculty and political leaders 
  • Learn new skills that will set you apart by participating in our workshops and events
  • Listen to our amazing speakers and gain access to our professional development workshops


Virtual Open House: 


QFLIP was excited to host the High School Liaison Program’s first ever virtual open house! On November 22nd from 7:30-8:30pm (EST), the QFLIP team along with The Faculty of Political Studies, the First Generation Admissions Office, and current Queen’s University students hosted a zoom seminar where they talked all things Queen’s, admissions, and studying the liberal arts! all your questions about QFLIP and Queen’s University! Thank you to all participants who came out!

The Chetradai RamLaal Fund:

The Chetradai RamLaal Fund is sponsored by the Mahadeo family and is named after the great-grandmother of QFLIP’21-22 Co-Chair Meera Mahadeo. Born in 1933 in the colony of British Guiana, Meera’s great-grandmother Chetradai lived a life filled with trials and tribulations; however despite this, she never failed to be resilient.

Chetradai lost her mother at a young age and became primarily responsible for taking care of her father and siblings. At the age of 8, she had to stop going to school and began working as a labourer in the sugar cane fields of the British Estate in West Coast Demerara; she would work there for the rest of her life, enduring the brutal work of having to cut cane in the fields in conditions that were often exploitative, gruel, and unforgiving within the colonial climate.

Amidst the political unrest following the Guyanese struggle for independence from the British in the 1960’s, Chetradai, like many Indo-Guyanese women at the time, was persecuted in the brutal physical attacks of the 1964 Riots, which subsequently destroyed her home, her possessions, and her livelihood. Despite the struggles and the hardship that she endured in her life, she never let these events define the person that she was meant to be. She became the primary breadwinner of  her home, becoming a single mother, and was determined to take care of all her children and ensure that they had a life better than her own. She managed to provide all her children with a basic education, a roof over their heads, and always had a smile on her face. She would become Meera’s last relative to work in physical labour on a sugar cane plantation in what eventually became the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. Chetradai will be forever remembered for her fierce determination within the face of adversity, positive outlook on life, and her gentle spirit.

The Chetradai Fund provides all high school students with the opportunity to attend the QFLIP conference for free, in hopes of providing students from all walks of life with the opportunity to explore post-secondary education, professional development, and pursue their personal aspirations. It is our hope that the fund and the life of the woman who it was named after will inspire others to remain steadfast in their determination to be resilient within the face of adversity and create positive change within their communities and beyond.


*If you are a high school student who is interested in attending the conference, please register for a ‘High School Student Ticket’ here

Contact Us! 

For more information, please contact the delegates team via email or instagram! 

Delegates team: 

Tess Shields: Delegates Director 

Sheneeza Khan: High School Liaison 

Sam Seymour: First Year Representative