Co-Chairs: Julia Göllner and Leah Brockie

During our time as the QFLIP co-chairs, we wanted to utilize the conference as a way to promote the empowerment among all women, across the divisions that have been creeping into partisan politics throughout North America. Additionally, we were intentional about trying to expand the definition of ‘politics’, so as to expand the experiences and interests of our speakers, delegates, and sponsors.

Throughout UNITE 2018, we were able to learn from women in traditional legislative politics, but also women who have been active in the fields of advocacy, security, and political communication. Seeing as how politics shapes so many aspects of Canadian society, we believe it is extremely important to engage a diversity of voices, from a wide range of fields, in order to obtain a broad understanding of women in politics, and the challenges, as well as opportunities they encounter. We can’t wait to see where the new co-chairs take the conference this coming year!

2018 chairs