Co-Chairs: Frannie Sobcov and Meredith Wilson-Smith

The theme for QFLIP 2019 was "Shatter". To us, "Shatter" represents the ability to break down the glass ceiling that limits not only women in politics, but women in a multitude of other careers. This year, we aimed to empower our delegates to fearlessly pursue what inspires them without fear of obstacles or limitations. 

In past years, our conference has focused on themes such as "Empower," "Rise," and "Unite". Progressively, QFLIP's themes tell the narrative of the conference's growth and that of its participants - one of taking initiative, gaining confidence, and finding support in those surrounding you in the pursuit of your ambitions. "Shatter" carries that narrative forward. Women and their allies are boundless in their professional abilities and won't be limited by barriers, breaking through them instead.