Why Partner with Us?


Recruitment and Networking Opportunities

QFLIP offers many diverse opportunities for sponsorship and marketing. From monetary grants to hosting workshops, QFLIP offers a unique and exciting way for your company or firm to promote to our delegates, speakers, and partners.

Connect With Future Leaders

QFLIP delegates are some of the most forward-thinking and driven students in the Queen’s community and beyond. Partnering with QFLIP allows you to connect and support bright and motivated young adults who are seeking leadership opportunities.

Be a Part of Positive Change

Gender equality is a prominent issue in both the political and corporate community. Partnering with QFLIP shows the community and your clients that you support young women pursuing critical leadership positions.

Opportunities Available

Sponsor a workshop or networking event

The conference offers different types of workshops throughout the weekend to give tangible takeaways. Examples of workshop takeaways include networking, personal branding, and goal-setting. Your firm can partake in either leading the workshop or being a title sponsor of a workshop you support.

Sponsor the banquet dinner

Have your company be the title sponsor of a banquet and be on the top of the minds of 150+ participants as the weekend comes to an end. Have the co-chairs recognize your firm in a closing speech.

Sponsor a meal

Throughout the three days of inspiration, the delegates will need to be kept fed and happy. Your company can make a donation to pay for the food or provide the food itself. Get the chance to have your company’s banner displayed, send in a video recording about what your firm does, or offer a keynote speaker for the duration of the meal.

Sponsor the case challenge

The case challenge is a fun and exciting way for the delegates to practice the new skills and ideas gained from QFLIP. Have your company submit a letter to be placed into the case challenge booklet, have a representative of your firm introduce the case challenge, or have them evaluate the presentations of the team.

Sponsor a coffee chat

Have your company send representatives to mingle and engage with delegates from the conference. Get a copy of the resume book of 150+ participants and the QFLIP executive.

Sponsor a social

QFLIP hosts two evening socials for delegates over the course of the conference weekend. Get a chance to know the delegates in an informal and relaxed setting through sponsorship and/or participation.

Special thanks to our past sponsors

2022 Title Case Challenge Sponsor

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Corporate Sponsorship
Corporate Sponsorship


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In-Kind Sponsorship

Past Title Case Challenge Sponsors

Case Challenge Sponsor

For further information about QFLIP and sponsorship, please reach out to our sponsorship team. We would be delighted to talk to you and your firm about the possibilities of a partnership with QFLIP. We hope the information provided gives you a sense of QFLIP’s community, and how we can partner to mutual benefit. Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider sponsorship with us, and we look forward to connecting with you.